I recently went to San Francisco and ate at an amazing vegan Japanese restaurant where I enjoyed a big bowl of veggie Japanese curry soup. It was perfect on a windy / chilly afternoon. It was one of my most favorite meals I ate while in San Francisco. I knew when I returned home, I would have to replicate it… & so here it is! I am so excited to share this SUPER EASY recipe.

This bowl of goodness is so nourishing, packed with nutrients, color and vibrancy. You can add different veggies and get creative with how you cut them. I ended up using ramen noodles but feel free to use udon, edamame noodles or rice noodles. Really, any noodles your heart desires.

Japanese Curry Soup

Serves 4

Author: Alexa Soto


Total time: 35



2 (32 ounce) low sodium organic vegetable broth

4 cups filtered water

1 tbsp curry powder

2 tbsp soy sauce (low sodium)

1 tbsp vegan bouillon 

8 ounces ramen noodles

1 (14 ounce) extra firm tofu, cubed

1 small kabocha squash or 3-4 golden potatoes, cubed

1 cup broccoli florets

1 zucchini

1 cup snow peas

1 cup cauliflower florets

1/2 cup purple cabbage, shredded

2 carrots, chopped

1/2  cup micro greens (optional)

sesame seeds (optional garnish)



  1. Prepare all your vegetables and the tofu. Peel the carrot and clean the squash, then chop all the vegetables into bite sized pieces.
  2. Cook your noodles according to the directions on its package.
  3. In a large pot add the two containers of vegetable broth, 4 cups of water, soy sauce, vegan bouillon, curry powder and bring to the boil. Add the squash or potato and simmer for approx. 7 minutes.
  4.  Then add the rest of the vegetables and simmer for a further 7 minutes. Lastly add the tofu and simmer for an additional 1 minute then serve. Serve with a wedge of lime, sprinkle of micro greens and sesame seeds.

November 16, 2017